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       The equipment is specially designed based on customer’s request, It is designed with automatic correction and unwinding, servo fixed-length feeding, automatic laser shift cutting, and automatic fixed-length slicing functions. 

The unwinding roller is a 3-inch diameter (¢74mm) running by air expansion, the roll width is 300mm, and the maximum unwinding diameter is ¢400mm. The servo automatic deviation correction control system is used to keep the material side walking at the sensor point to ensure that the material does not deviate and the deviation accuracy is ±0.5mm. The steel rubber roller is used for pinching, and feeding length controlled digitally by  the servo electric mechanism. The cutting platform adopts a glass plate with dense holes in the middle to ensure that the cutting surface is flat. The position and size of the pattern cutout are adjusted by servo motor with precise digital adjustment of the model group, which is convenient and quick to change the pattern. The cutter adopts a high-end steel blade, which is durable in cutting.


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