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Laser Scoring
  • Proven for easy open, re-sealable, retort & pourable packaging
  • Excellent for microwave steam release features
  • Controlled score depth & location
  • Precise score lines or shapes
  • Straight lines and/or contoured features
  • Capabilities for machine and transverse 
  • direction or both simultaneously
  • Marking, etching, peel & reseal and tamper proof applications


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Easy open packaging is a preferred product in the flexible packaging industry because of its convenient and clean-tear capabilities. Our advanced laser process ensures a precise and consistent tear that maintains the integrity of the package.

Advantages of Laser Scoring for Easy Open Packaging

  • Precise, clean and consistent tear along scored line
  • Controlled score depth and tear propagation
  • Offers both straight and contoured patterns and shapes
  • Maintains barrier properties
  • In registration with print
  • Eliminates need for knife or scissors to open
  • Aesthetic appearance of package unaffected
  • Effortless functionality resulting in consumer satisfaction

Easy open features can be utilized on a variety of packaging such as stand-up, press-to-close zipper and slider pouches, pour spouts, stick packs, and zipper bags. These features can also be used in peel & reseal, and microwavable applications.


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