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Win Senior Market of flexible packaging by New Technology

By Laisai 07 23 2019 700

Most companies pay high attention to those “millennial” but they forget another rapidly growing demographic that possesses equal or greater purchasing power: senior citizens.


What are the main problems for senior citizens?


1. Only the their brand is big enough to read, but the identity are not clear.


Labels are often too hard to read. One study revealed that 52 percent of the participants in the 60-70 year old group, 58 percent of the 70-98 year old group, and 66 percent of those aged over 80 express difficulty reading product labels, even when wearing glasses.


Solution: make big words for senior citizens


2.Opening packages is not always easy.

This is not only a problem for seniors, but also for younger people, even sometimes a strong adults cannot open a bag easily.


Solution: Use new laser scribing technology for easy open packages.


You can contact Laisai Laser who can offer roll to roll laser scribing machine which will help you easily to improve your bags.

Laser scoring machine is a high-tech mechatronics device integrating optical, computer, precision machinery, laser, electronics, control and software.

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