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Laser Cutting Machine ---Promote the digitalization of printing and packaging industry

By Laisai 07 16 2019 1025

It is not new to apply laser cutting machine after post-press processing ,especially in European Market , America Market . Why the need to use laser ? Convenience is one of the top trend of flexible packaging.


What are the advantages of using laser cutting machine ?


Laser die cutting is a focused laser beam a thermal cutting method that replaces a die-cutting steel knife,Manufacturing products by continuous and disconnected pulses.The cut and the connection point. It has two working modes Type: First, the vector path, the spot along the product Die-cut contour for cutting; second is progressive sweep Trace, through the galvanometer system to achieve different spots .Moving to the direction (ie, the motor drives the lens at high speed Rotate to achieve progressive scan). These two modesLaser die cutting machine for packaging and printing industry .


1. Removed restrictions on product design


Laser die cutting removes product design Limits, such as holes with a diameter of 0.3 mm, dense Hollow design and so on. Similar structural design in the past Is either limited by the mold making or subject to The limitation of the waste disposal process, while laser die cutting not only Can easily break through these limits, and inorganic Mechanical pressure cutting also avoids tearing of the product And the trouble of scrapping.


2. Saving the manufacturing cost of the die cutting tool And production time


Die cutting and matching in traditional die cutting method .The production of tools requires a certain amount of time, less One day (laser die, resin bottom mold, clear Scrap and other production), many days (sandwich Steel mold, box mold, etc.), this pair Orders with fast delivery requirements are unfavorable;In this respect, the system of die cutting tools in traditional die cutting Costs range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of dollars Product requirements, quantity and type of mold Fixed), while laser die cutting only consumes in this process Some mixed gases (in fact, for cigarette-like For long-term orders, the cost of die-cutting and its system The version time is also insignificant).


3. Optimized the debugging mold program

In the traditional die cutting method, the mold debugging is not Time-consuming and laborious, and skilled to workers .The degree is strictly required. Laser die cutting belongs to the number Word process, its modification or editing is very simple, only It takes a few minutes to complete on the device.


4. Eliminate mold and maintenance replacement procedures

In traditional die cutting, the pressure of the machine changes. The life of the mold and the mold will affect the mold State, such as a blade broken eagle, chipping, changing Dull, etc., need to be replaced or maintained regularly, both The labor intensity of the workers, which has increased production. Cost also reduces production efficiency. Laser Die cutting eliminates the program and is relatively improved Productivity.


5. Breaking through the bottleneck of special products


Traditional die cutting method for extreme design Product (such as the 0.3mm diameter hole mentioned above) Point, intensive hollow design) There is a process bottleneck. Laser die cutting or cutting Cutting or etching can be done easily.


6. Removed mold inventory pressure


Traditional molds not only exist in stock, maintenance, The tedious work of management, and it still exists when it is used repeatedly. Looking for the risk of trouble and mistaking.


Laser Cut for duplicate orders, job data to file The form is saved without pressure from stocks.


An rotary laser cutting machine can help you easily solve all problems.

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