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Roll to Roll Laser Scoring, Cutting and Perforating Systems

By Laisai 04 17 2019 1030

Flexible packaging plays a strategic role in the Food & Beverage and fast-moving consumer goods sectors, becoming an element for recognising and differentiating a product from its competitors. More and more companies have made packaging a medium for promoting their brand awareness, giving it a fundamental role in marketing and communication strategies. Increasingly, effective packaging is being developed for the market of reference, paying particular attention to the identity of the modern consumer and his needs, which include the possibility of purchasing fresh products; the freshness and the possibility of easily opening and closing the package for the entire product life are guaranteed by the packaging.

Scoring: Lasers are used to score, slit and cut the plastic films and foils used in flexible packaging. They enable such packaging to be shaped and formed, and they make it easy for consumers to open it.


They are used in food and beverage applications, pharmaceuticals, and personal and household care, and in medical and other industrial markets. They typically compete with mechanical cutting devices.

Perforating: Lasers are used to perforate the plastic films which are used in the packaging of fresh food. They enable such packaging to be porous and its contents to continue to ripen and not spoil. They typically compete with mechanical perforating devices.


Laisai Laser machines for flexible packaging offer different innovative solutions, such as easy-open, window packaging, easy-breath, and easy-ventilation for microwave cooking.



Laisai Roll to Roll Laser Machine is a new range of laser systems designed by Laisai Laser for cutting, laser scoring and macro and micro-perforation of flexible single or multi-layered films made of different materials, including paper, PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE and laminated films.

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