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Laser marking for the food safety traceability system

By Laisai 03 14 2019 995

With the advancement of human science, modern life brings convenience to people, but also brings various security issues in life. 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the food safety issues have been exposed in the public's field of vision. At one time, we talked about the changes in the color of products and talked about drugs. This reflects the gradual improvement of China's food safety mechanism, and related mechanisms and institutions can find out in time. These problems, on the other hand, how to use high-tech means to control the poisonous gas from the source has become the most difficult problem in the industry.

Since the application of laser marking technology, from the original high-tech special industry application to the wide market, it has become the replacement of the traditional marking coding method. The technology has been innovative all the way, effectively achieving the laser marking of QR code. The traceability of technology has enabled the traceability and reverse traceability of food from source to processing to sales and then to the table. It not only allows consumers to retroactively buy and buy, but also to achieve internal product quality control. The realization also enables us to break through the existing food safety prevention and control measures and accelerate the progress of the food safety traceability system in all walks of life.

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What is “food safety traceability”? The answer to this question is the most vivid statement: consumers buy a piece of pork from the market and scan the bar code on the meat to know where the pig is produced, how old it is, what day it is slaughtered, what is fed Feed, whether you have been sick...

The electronic supervision code system for drugs and foods is based on the full process coverage of the electronic supervision code on drugs, and the drug traceability information supervision is realized. The supervision code can be traced on the smallest unit package (one bottle, one needle, one piece). ——Return the flow in the first time when problems occur, and recycle as soon as possible to minimize the harm.

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To build a complete chain from source to consumer, it is inseparable from a mature and perfect traceability system. (0512-66016539) The most important part of the traceback process is the "code". The code here has evolved from the electronic supervision code to the most popular two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code has been widely used in various fields such as food, medicine, and daily necessities because of its large amount of stored information, strong error correction, easy identification, and low cost.

With the increasing emphasis on food and drug and food safety by the state and the people, we firmly believe that the laser marking QR code technology will be more widely used, and the laser code will make the food and drug safety traceability more secure. In the future, laser traceability will protect the safety of food and medicine.

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