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Farewell to "Difficult to Tear"​ by Laser machien for easy-to-tear lines cutting

By Laisai 02 20 2019 66

In order to stimulate people's desire to buy, food manufacturers have worked hard on the appearance of packaging. However, the experience of packaging tear lines is somewhat embarrassing. I want to tear open the food packaging, but I can't open it, tear it, bite it, and after half a day, the food in the bag has become crumbs. It affects the consumer experience and the quality of the product.

Laser scribing is the perfect solution to this type of problem. Laser scribing is a process that uses lasers to achieve easy-to-tear results on multi-layer composite packaging materials. It can be used to scribe a film layer in a package without damaging the entire film. It is worth noting that the laser scribing technology is a non-contact and wear-free process for food packaging, and also ensures that the goods in the package are not damaged by the packaging process, ensuring the stability and reliability of the product.

Laisai Laser roll to roll machine is patent design for flexible packaging industry , has exported many to worldwide for peforation and easy tear line.

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