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Why Microfinishing Abrasives Film are so important for Camshaft or Crankshaft?

By Laisai 08 17 2018 299

Microfinishing is the process that removes the microscopic amorphous surface material left from the grinding of a dimensionally finished part, such as a crankshaft, camshaft, or pump shaft, to permit a highly precise fit to a mating part.


Microfinishing generates the final functional surface texture required for friction reduction, higher performance, and greater reliability of the precision shafts. Microfinishing tolerances are unattainable with grinding.


“In today’s automotive engines, the surface texture on these functional key features on the internal engine components are microfinished to very fine tolerances that enable combustion engines to operate more efficiently and to meet emissions, horsepower and fuel economy goals,” said Mark Hendel, IMPCO global sales director.


In the microfinishing process, abrasive film is fed through a pair of opposed arms, each holding tooling that is shaped to fit over the part’s cylindrical bearing journals. During the process, the arms close around the journals, holding the film against the rotating part for a specified time to achieve the desired surface texture.

Laisai Laser Roll to Roll Cutting Machine can strictly controlled to cut all size of abrasives as you want.

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