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Roll to Roll Laser Machine for Transparent Surgical Film

By Laisai 08 15 2018 188

Why need transparent film dressing?


Self-adhesive wound dressing made of a polyurethane film. The dressing is transparent and thus enables the observation of the wound without dressing change. 

It is permeable to gas exchange but impermeable to water and bacteria. It does not adhere to the wound, thereby reducing any pain associated with dressing removal preventing trauma to newly formed tissue.


Why you need Laser for medical transparent film ?

· 100% Savings in Tooling Costs

· 40% Savings in Scrap Material

· 40% Savings in Job Changeover

· Increased Precision Levels  and Greater Edge Quality

· Ability to Accommodate Long and Short Run Jobs

· Improved Ease and Increased Speed

Unprecedented Depth of Cut Control

· Any geometry, Anytime – Small angle cuts, sharp corners, etc.

· No burn through marks or discolorations

· No pinholes

· No melting of adhesives from excess laser heat

· No cutting tool replacement

Software Technology

· Easy to use

· Reload jobs in seconds

· Quick and accurate job quote tool

· On-the-fly job changeovers


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