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Easy Open packaging by laser machine

By Laisai 07 27 2018 352

Easy Open packaging enables easy opening along the laser-scored line which enhances customer convenience during consumption.  

Easy Open packaging is of particular benefit to manufacturers producing:

· chips, biscuits, crunches and other snacks  

· fish and meat snacks

· nuts and dried fruit

· instant coffee in sticks

· cosmetics and perfume samples

Easy Open packaging – how is it made

The top layer of films composite is scribed on the slitting-rewinding machine. Laser-scored punches form a guiding line for easy opening with an even edge.

The laser-scribed line placement depends on packaging design and functionality.

Scribing in cross or web direction provides a simple tearing of the packaging top and eliminates the risk of spilling due to low physical force needed.  Angle-scribed line ensures neat opening hole for dosed consumption or pouring into another container. 

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