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Laser Cutter for Complex Plastic Films

By Laisai 07 06 2018 188

Laisai Roll to Roll Laser Cutting Machine is available for laser cutting, laser perforating , laser scoring, and laser lining.


Laser Scoring

Precise control of the properties of the laser beam allows the selective cutting of layers in the most complex plastic films. This allows easy opening while leaving other layers intact to protect the product from light and humidity. Unlike mechanical tools (dies, blades, punches,etc.) the laser suffers minimal wear as it does not come into physical putting the integrity of the product at risk.


Laser Perforation

Polymers allow the transport of low molecular weight components , resulting in the permeation of oxygen, water, components of food aromas and any other gases and vapours. That is the basis of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). In porous packaging the longevity of perishable products is increased and the exchange flow between atmosphere is controlled.


Features of Laisai Laser Cutting Machine

  • High Cutting Precision
  • Excellent Laser Beam Quality
  • Import High Speed Galvo Scanner System
  • Humanized Design & Convenient Installation
  • Desktop / Flying, CO2/Fiber/UV laser optional

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