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Laser Machine for Beverage Industry

By Laisai 06 08 2018 387

Coding is essential for all fast moving consumer goods, including beverages. Laser systems are one way for beverage manufacturers to code their products reliably and efficiently to meet growing consumer demands. 

Manufacturers of beverages  (soft drinks and mineral water, wines and spirits, beers, ciders and alcopops, fruit juices, etc) must code the packaging of their products. 
The specifics of the code depend on national or other legislation but generally a lot code and a best before date are required. 

What advances have there been to laser systems to date, and how do they support the beverage industry?

  • Lasers are used to apply such codes because of their ability to mark paper and board, glass and the plastics typically used in packaging. 
  • They are an attractive alternative to inkjet (continuous and thermal) because they are clean, reliable and low cost.
  • Laser coders have the ability to address these needs with no reduction in line speed, enabling manufacturers to meet demand schedules without concern for the quality of the coded information produced.

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