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The benefits of Marking & Coding for Packaging

By Laisai 06 05 2018 379

Those new companies of packaging industry who will need marking and coding for printing traceability information on packaging, labels and other manufactured materials. For examples barcodes, QR code, Serialisation Codes,and expiry date.

Why manufacturers need to print the marks or codes on the products ?

1. Meeting traceability requirements

2. Providing assurance on product authenticity

3. Providing information on product freshness

4. Sourcing the best coding and marking equipment

We offer high quality laser marking and coding machines at high speeds even in dirty or humid environments.

Why manufactures need laser machine to mark or code on the products ?

1. Environmental friendly especially for food industry

2. Laser machine can print mark permanently for anti-counterfeit protection

3. No consumable Ink needed

4. Longlife Span for laser marking machine or laser coding machine

5. High temperature resistance 

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