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How to choose abrasives for automotive?

By Laisai 05 22 2018 231

There are so many categories in abrasives, such as the sandpaper belt, abrasives disc,diamond abrasives,polishing lapping film,coated abrasives. And it’s different backing will use for different situations. For example, the abrasives with PET film is generally used for  camshafts , crankshafts, bearing surface ,metal , rubber etc which can be used for dry or wet materials.


Then the question is do you know how to choose the abrasives for crankshaft or camshaft in automotive? The crankshaft or camshaft is the most important part of automobile engine, and its surface donot allow any defects. Grinding the crankshafts or camshafts is often required to use rigid polishing grinder in conjunction with flexible precision lapping film which is also called microfinishing lapping film. Such lapping film has polyester film backing materials with premium aluminium oxide grain.Such film is the first choice for machining crankshaft or camshaft surface.


And the new product from 3M who offer ziagzag abrasives and most leading companies in abrasive industry are offer such lapping film now. They are Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.,AGM-Projects& Plant Engineering,Uneeda Enterprizes, Inc,Maverick Abrasives and etc.

The laser cutting machine from Laisai can offer you such machine from roll to roll by cutting , feeding and wasting.

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