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Laser Cutting Machine for Flexible Packaging(II)

By Laisai 05 18 2018 256

We talked about the deficiencies of orginal processing methods and will talked about some basic principles of the laser cutting machine in soft packaging layer cutting process.

Plastic film layers, metal film layers and papers has different absorption and radioactivity in the wavelength range (9.4~11um).Most of the plastic film as PET,PS,PC,PVC and OPA , they all have good absorption by 10.6um wavelength.

The plastic film is partially heated and completely melted after absorbing laser beam. Some film as OPP, PE, LLPE will absorbed by 10.6um. But the aluminium foil layer doesn’t absorb all the wavelength emitted by the low power CO2 Laser as it is completely reflected.

As long as you using the correct wavelength , you can get your desired layer-cutting structure . Let’s take examples to explain the principles:

(1) PET-AL-PE: This is a typical composite material for food packaging. Let’s take the example by coffee bag, the selective absorption of CO2 laser 10.6um by the material can be completely vaporized in very small area without affecting other layers. The reflective effect of the aluminium foil layer helps to use laser more efficiently.

(2) OPP-PE: This is commonly used composite packaging material for washing powder packaging.Since the laser absorption of PP is more strongly than PE, it can  cut the PP layer only without affecting other layers.In this case, the laser beam can be injected from either side of the film , that is, it also allows the laser beam to penetrate the PE layer at first and melt through the PP layer.

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