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Laser Cutting Machine for Flexible Packaging(I)

By Laisai 05 15 2018 329

Here we are talking about the Laser Die Cutting Machine working for flexible packaging items which is quite popular in market . Almost all flexible packaging film is laminated with multi-layer film which thickness about 10 micrometers for different functions. For example ,the PET film has good confidentiality , PE film has good heat sealability and strong tear resistance. The PP film has good vapor barrier performance . Aluminium foil is commonly used for light-blocking seal and paper usually work to protect the film.All required the higher technology of lamination ability.


The lamination process technology is working to cut some of the film layers but not affecting the function of other films.

For example, if you want to cut the micro-cutting a high-strength film to be an easy-opening structure , laser cutting machine will the one you need.

No matter mechanical scratching or punching of film, they are not able to get the difference of film layers.

The disadvantages are :

1. You cannot get the easy tear layer if it is scratching too little by mechanical cutting machine.

2. The light-blocking film and water barrier film will be damaged if cut too deep by mechanical cutting machine.


Therefore, people are looking for reliable technology for precise cutting for more different film and Laisai Laser Cutting Machine can meet all your request.

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